Create a Paypal Subscription


To subscribe to an Invoice and have payments made automatically with your paypal account, please follow the below procedure:

First login to, once logged in, use the navigation on the left side to open "Invoices"

2. Once in the Invoices screen, click on the invoice number, of an unpaid invoice.

3. Once you are in the invoice, you will see a "Subscribe" button down the bottom of the page. Click this button. 

4. You will now be re-directed to paypal’s payment system and asked to login to your paypal account, once completed you will receive a success message from paypal and then be sent back to the portal, you will have now successfully ‘subscribed’ to that particular Invoice, everytime that Servers Australia generates the services listed on that Invoice, your payment will be taken from your paypal account automatically!

If you have any questions or issues with creating a subscription, please call or emails us on 1300 788 862 or

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