How to edit a computers host file


Editing HOSTS File within Windows.

If you use a MAC click here

The second Method of seeing a website, prior to it being delegated officially, is to use a “Hosts File”. This is if you don’t have the ability to use the method above. Note: This method will only work if you have access to login as a “Local Administrator”, and is generally recommended for Power Users.

In a Windows Based Operating System, you will need to open Notepad, and run it as administrator.

This can usually be found in Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Notepad, and right clicking the Icon, and clicking “Run as Administrator”

Once you have Notepad Open, Click on File -> Open, and then you can navigate to the location of the “HOSTS” file, by pasting the below URL in the top bar.


Once open, you will see a screen such as the below Image. You will then need to Add a new Line, for each website you would like to see .delegate-8.png
As per first method, I want to see the website “” as it would be if it were live and  pointing to one of our shared servers IP addresses, which is

I would then add the following line, to ensure both the Domain itself, and the www. Record, redirected to the correct server, and then save.

Once saved, you may need to refresh or close, and re-open your browser, but you should then see the new website, pointing to the correct IP.

To confirm you are loading the site from the right server, you can use the Developer Tools in Google Chrome or Firefox browsers and look at the Remote Address column. It'll show that it's loading from the new server.

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